OVERTON & ASSOCIATES is a strategic communications and myth-building agency based in Manhattan. Advocating on behalf of established brands and ambitious startups across beverage, CPG, publishing, and politics — and animated by a mission to “Move the Window” of perception in an increasingly surreal media landscape — OVERTON champions concepts whose time has come.

Our Team

Andrew Lohse

Brand builder, advocate, storyteller. Diverse background leading national campaigns on behalf of both established and insurgent brands across wine & spirits, publishing, and politics.

Patrick Minogue

pr director
PR veteran, strategist, consumer expert. High-level and lengthy career leading national campaigns for top-tier brands across CPG, wine & spirits, beer & beverage, tech, and FMCG.

Victoria Cooper

Brand Director
Champion of imagination. Innovator of words, strategy, and connection. 10+ years leading communication campaigns for renowned spirits, wine, and food brands. Let's get deep.

Rob Williams, Phd

Senior advisor
Comms strategist, cultural expert, publisher. Diverse career spanning academia, entrepreneurship, media studies, content production, and founder advisory.

Chris Pacia

Junior Associate,

Theron Williams

Junior Associate,
brand & content lead

Attention is currency, imagination is a strategy, and originality is a commodity in short supply.


Concept development
content strategy
WebSITE & product Design
Industry Positioning
Viral & Experimental Marketing
Brand Mythos
Social Strategy & Management
earned & paid media
Press relations
influencer marketing
Written & Visual content
communications strategy


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