Epic Genesis: Andrew and the Birth of OVERTON & ASSOCIATES

Andrew Lohse
September 27, 2023

Andrew's journey began with a fervent dedication to advocating for both established brands and ambitious startups. Having witnessed the transformative power of storytelling in various domains such as beverage, CPG, publishing, and politics, he recognized the potential to influence the way people perceive the world around them. It was this realization that spurred him to establish an agency animated by a mission—to "Move the Window" of perception in an increasingly surreal media landscape. The name 'OVERTON' embodied this ambition, signifying the aspiration to shift and broaden the prevailing paradigms.

He set out to create an agency that would not merely craft concepts but would build myths around them—narratives that would resonate deeply, capturing the zeitgeist of the moment. Andrew envisioned a space where the power of strategic communication could be harnessed to elevate concepts whose time had unquestionably arrived. Concepts that carried the potential to shape and influence the collective consciousness of society.

As the agency grew, it attracted like-minded individuals—creatives, strategists, and storytellers who shared Andrew's vision. Together, they embraced the challenge of "Moving the Window," pioneering new narratives and strategies that would define not just brands, but entire industries. The journey of OVERTON & ASSOCIATES became a testament to the transformative power of ideas, the conviction to follow one's vision, and the relentless pursuit of shaping the future through strategic communication and myth-building.



OVERTON & ASSOCIATES champions concepts whose time has come.