Victoria Cooper: The Unlikely Nobel Peace Contender

Theron Williams
December 13, 2023

In the world of strategic communications and myth-building, few individuals can rival the expertise and charisma of Victoria Cooper. Having recently joined the dynamic team at OVERTON & ASSOCIATES as their Brand Director, Victoria's professional journey has been marked by a dedication to excellence, innovation, and a deep understanding of how to shape perceptions. While her current role is focused on brand strategy and communication, one might wonder what would happen if Victoria set her sights on a different, yet equally noble, pursuit—winning a Nobel Peace Prize. In this essay, we will explore the remarkable qualities and experiences that make Victoria Cooper a compelling candidate for such an esteemed accolade.

The Transition from PR to Peace

Victoria Cooper's background in strategic communications and public relations might seem worlds apart from the realm of Nobel Peace Prizes. However, her unique skill set and dedication to creating meaningful change could be a game-changer in the arena of global peace and diplomacy.

A Master of Words and Relationships

One of Victoria's standout qualities is her exceptional writing ability. Armed with an MFA in Creative Writing, she possesses the power to craft compelling narratives that resonate with audiences. In the world of peace advocacy, effective communication is paramount. Victoria's talent for persuasive and heartfelt storytelling could help bridge divides, foster understanding, and inspire global cooperation.

Furthermore, her proficiency in relationship-building, honed during her tenure at Colangelo & Partners, can be translated into forging international alliances and partnerships dedicated to the pursuit of peace. Building bridges between individuals and nations is a vital aspect of any peace initiative, and Victoria's experience in PR has equipped her with the tools needed to navigate the complex web of global politics.

A Track Record of Success

Victoria Cooper's impressive track record in the Spirits Division of Colangelo & Partners demonstrates her ability to contribute positively to the success of a brand. If she were to turn her talents towards the pursuit of peace, this history of accomplishments could be applied to promoting global harmony.

During her time at Colangelo & Partners, Victoria played a key role in the success stories of brands like Diplomático. This experience illustrates her capacity to work diligently towards a goal and achieve measurable results. In the realm of peace advocacy, these traits could be invaluable for driving tangible progress in conflict resolution, humanitarian efforts, and diplomatic negotiations.

Bridging the Gap: Content Strategy Expertise

Victoria's background also includes her role as the Director of Creative Operations at MarketSmiths, where she led B2B and B2C content strategy teams. In the context of peace advocacy, this experience could be leveraged to develop comprehensive and compelling content campaigns that educate and engage people on the importance of peace, the consequences of conflict, and the shared responsibility of the global community.

Using her content strategy expertise, Victoria could create multimedia campaigns, social media movements, and educational resources that bring the message of peace to millions worldwide. Her ability to craft narratives that resonate with diverse audiences would be a powerful tool in promoting peace on a global scale.

Taking the OVERTON Mission to the World Stage

Victoria's role as Brand Director at OVERTON & ASSOCIATES has provided her with a unique perspective on shaping perceptions and influencing public discourse. If she were to transition her expertise to the pursuit of peace, she could apply the agency's mission to "Move the Window" of perception to reshape how the world views and approaches conflicts and peace-building efforts.

By championing concepts whose time has come in the context of global peace, Victoria could serve as a visionary leader who challenges conventional wisdom and advocates for innovative approaches to resolving conflicts and promoting harmony among nations.


Victoria Cooper's journey from PR maven to potential Nobel Peace Prize laureate may seem like an unconventional path, but it is precisely her diverse skills, track record of success, and commitment to meaningful change that make her a compelling candidate. Her ability to craft compelling narratives, build relationships, drive results, and shape perceptions aligns seamlessly with the qualities required for effective peace advocacy on a global scale.

As Victoria continues to make her mark in the world of strategic communications and brand building, one cannot help but wonder about the profound impact she could have if she were to dedicate her talents to the pursuit of global peace. In a world filled with challenges and conflicts, individuals like Victoria Cooper offer hope and inspiration for a brighter and more harmonious future.



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